I'm running for Communications Officer because I believe an informed community is essential  to its well-being. Good decision-making depends on people having reliable, accurate  information.  

As important as information is how we distribute it. I believe it's the job of the CO to be open  to new technologies and optimize existing formats. Zoom meetings are now a way of life but  can be made better. Stakeholders are data-hungry and constantly searching for answers to  

make their voices heard. Offering more complete repositories of information is one way to  help. 

I believe my years of experience as a producer, writer, small business owner --and  willingness to explore the best way to keep you informed make me the right person for the  job.  


  • Twenty years of television commercial executive producer experience working for clients like Pepsi and General Electric.
  • Producer and writer of political ads and candidate documentaries including two Presidential campaigns.
  • Producer and writer for tourism campaigns.
  • Corporate content writer, graphic design, and branding.
  • Owner restaurant and bar ( I understand the challenges of keeping a business going during difficult times).


  • Social media branding and content curation
  • Advisor on Civilian Police Advisory Board for LAPD
  • VNC Community Officer
  • VNC Homeless and Westminster Dog Park Committees
  • In production- TV series - because it’s Los Angeles

Policy Positions 

  • I believe in law and order for all.
  • I support environmental issues --especially ones directed at our beaches and the ocean.
  • There should be great caution with new zoning in order to maintain Venice’s character.
  • Supportive of business and tourism initiatives.
  • I believe everyone’s voice should be heard and the VNC is a part of reflecting what the community thinks.