Community Officer

My name is Tima Bell, and I am a lifelong Venice native and resident. Having lived and worked in Venice for over four decades, and being a partner in a successful architecture firm, I know I have a unique perspective on my hometown. I understand the fear of gentrification, as well as the importance of taking care of those less entitled. Because of my profession, I uniquely grasp the visceral reality of the melting pot of activists, anarchists, nimby’s, and young tech that make up only a portion of our diverse community. I am not afraid of change to our locale - especially where we can come together to create improvements, and I sincerely believe that we can find common ground on difficult subjects. The community I have loved since child- hood is one that is stubborn in its identity, but not adverse to improvement when faced with caring and thoughtful solutions. I want to represent Venice in its chaotic beauty and am running for the VNC At Large Community Rep.