Being part of the VNC is very similar to the saying - “It Takes a Village.”  This is my Village.

I believe that it takes a village to promote not only the VNC but to promote our community, sometimes warts and all, for a stronger more vital, more resonant, united and powerful Venice. 

I am entrenched in our community & have focused my efforts as a steward of this neighborhood - treating its people and our beaches with the utmost respect. The safety of our residents, the preservation of our coastline & ocean, smart development & smart traffic patterns are issues most dear to me. 

I am doing my part and I teach my kids to do their part.  If we are all invested that is the only way to ensure a hopeful future for Venice.


  • 1st generation American, a proud immigrant who represents civility & multiculturalism in our community.
  • Legislative analyst - DNC, 2 Senators
  • Lobbyist - Alternative Energy Sources
  • Community outreach dating back to high school - started the first programs to donate food from local grocery stores and restaurants delivering food to soup kitchens and shelters
  • Developed a program with Catholic Charities of Baltimore for abused children who became a part of the system and then working with the kids that aged out of the system 
  • Entertainment: Public Relations, producer and developer of TV content, Public Relations 
  • Event Production


  • Event Production (yes, rough during the Pandemic)
  • Translation services
  • Chair of Outreach Committee
  • Budget Committee
  • Civilian Police Advisory Board for LAPD
  • Contributor to Venice Living Magazine

Under my tenure - we’ve been able to accomplish most of that. I stand on my record of merit and production:

  • Created meaningful community engagements with our local police officers - Coffee with the Cops
  • Quadrupled our social media presence and engagement
  • Increased our media and online presence
  • Contributor to Venice Living Magazine
  • Oversaw the renovation of our website to allow for greater accountability/transparency for our stakeholders in the business of the VNC