I am running for President of the VNC to serve our community along with the other volunteers listed on this Common Sense Venice website.  We are a diverse group of professional people that all share many common visions, approach issues with an open, unbiased mind, seek equality in our decision making process and strive to make recommendations that will improve the quality of life for all visitors, residents and business operators in Venice.

Sometimes these objectives can be hard to achieve, finding consensus on tough issues, like the lawlessness activities that exist in our public spaces today vs. dealing with all people in a humanitarian way while balancing what is legally allowed and being the voice of reason for the community where a positive reputation and the experience of past achievements will influence the common sense approach we carry forward to city departments and government officials.  Addressing public safety is first and foremost among the goals we need to tackle, but the decisions we make that support our local economy, ease traffic impacts and address our short and long term visions for development projects must be considered before the decision makers downtown dictate our future without having the opportunity to have our voices heard.

A brief note: personally, my experience on the VNC over the past twenty years has been diverse.  It includes serving twelve years on the Land Use and Planning Committee, five years of chairing the Parking and Transportation Committee (with over 100 recommendations that were adopted by the Board), two years as Co-Chair of the Dog Park Committee, serving on the Administrative Committee for three years and on the Rules and Selections Committee for five years, during which time we went through two By Laws revision cycles, and most recently being appointed by the Board to fill the Communications Officer role when a vacancy became available midterm in 2020.  I also hosted the Ocean Front Walk Committee before there was a VNC, back in the 1990’s, for over five years.  Outside the umbrella of the VNC, I have managed our Venice Farmers’ Market since 1989 and in the 1990’s planted over 1400 street trees throughout our community.

If you want to read more about my personal life or my visions, goals and accomplishments, please visit

Please vote for me as your president for the VNC along with the other Common Sense Venice candidates.

Thanks you for your consideration,

James Murez