I have been a homeowner and resident of the amazing  Venice Community going on 13 years and love it dearly. I have  seen it go through many changes but nothing like the change it  has been experiencing in the last 3 years. We need to pull this  community back together, clean it up, make it safe once again  and have the L.A. City Council respect our collective voices. And  we need laws to be enforced once again. Being a Venice resident  has always meant being a good citizen of the community and  caring about and protecting our beautiful ocean and beach. If  elected I will do whatever is within my power to do so and bring  that back, working with and all of you and with others on the  council. I will also work to balance our budget. There's no place  like Venice!! 

If elected I will bring a voice of reason and fairness in all the  positions I will be asked to take on matters brought before the  council. I am very open, honest and skilled in using common  sense to resolve matters. I am a huge environmentalist and  believe in protecting open space and the enjoyment of it for all. I  put my money where my mouth is and always lead by example  which is what I have been doing in my immediate surroundings  and in my neighborhood in East Venice.  

I believe in intelligent ideas, thought out solutions with input from  stakeholders, am against special interests, over development, 

and I believe above all in being a great community member. I  want to get the homeless off of the beach and into affordable and  sustainably built shelters which don’t cost astronomical sums  only to house very few people or people who don’t want to help  themselves nor abide by any of our laws. It is not acceptable to  disproportionately over-burden our Venice community with costly  shelters and to place them just blocks from the beach which is  this community’s and all Angelenos gateway to the enjoyment of  our coast. We need to clean up the filth and disrespect by all  who inflict that on our community. That includes the disrespect  from certain developers and what that impact is on the  immediate neighbors and our community and green space. We  need to reward good people and good citizenship in the  community.  

We as Venetians know better than anybody what our needs  are and I will make sure we take these concerns brought up by  our community stakeholders to City Council. We are a unique  and diverse community of all types of beautiful people and we  need to support each other. It’s time as a whole to take pride in  Venice and defend it from bad policies from city leaders and  defend it when it gets attacked by people who don’t care about  it. It’s time to enforce the laws and end the lawlessness. It may  even be time to talk again about incorporating ourselves so that  we may better serve our beautiful, beloved but forgotten about  Venice.  

  • Worked as a field operator on the ‘Turn Arizona Blue’ campaign and extensively in New Mexico for the John Kerry for president campaign in 2004.  
  • Served as Surfrider West LA’s/Malibu’s Vice-Chair and Volunteer Coordinator from 2008-2010.
  • Served and volunteered as a Fall-Fellow on the 2012 Obama Biden campaign working to train new volunteers to achieve victory for the campaign. Was 1 of only 3 people in the California boiler-room for the 3 days of get out the vote and in 

charge of phone-bank centers across Los Angeles and 15  other states across the nation.  

  • Founded the One Love Unified t-shirt company named to promote a positive message of inclusion and peace for all humans and our animal brothers and sisters on this planet.  Donated 10% of all profits to organizations promoting that  message and who protect our environment such as NRDC and  WWF.  
  • Spoke before the Malibu City Council to end the use of single use plastic bags which became the city’s policy.
  • Created the ‘Clean Your Space’ campaign which will eliminate thousands of pounds of harmful debris from entering our waterways and ocean and I hope to implement this here in  Venice Beach someday soon. 

I will work hard with diligence and integrity as your Venice  Neighborhood Council’s Treasurer and make sure that our funds  go as far as possible furthering our needs in this great  community.