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Common Sense Venice

We believe in a common sense and practical approach to our community's current issues as well as future ones. Our combined track record gets things done, and we will continue to be a positive action force in the community.

Our Mission

We believe that talk is cheap and that the VNC needs leaders who can unite our community and work together to achieve results. We are a group of candidates who have demonstrated the ability to work together to create the change they want to see.

Let’s restore our quality of life in Venice together.

  • We believe in holding the City accountable for its actions (or lack thereof). We believe our Council member for CD11 has been unable to meet the challenges facing our district and community, and that the greatest opportunity to effect change will be uniting behind an alternative candidate that respects and listens to our Neighborhood Council.

  • We believe in supporting LAPD and keeping our neighborhood safe, clean, and free of crime. We believe Venice should be safe for children to walk and play. We believe in the rights of residents--renters and homeowners--to be safe and secure in their homes and when they walk the streets.

  • We believe in common sense solutions to address the homeless crisis by immediately creating emergency shelters on suitable, unused city properties, enforcing the law to make our streets clean and safe, while giving the unhoused a dignified pathway off the streets.

  • We believe in supporting our local businesses and that we should be helping our small businesses thrive. We support our small local businesses and a local workforce.

  • We believe that people who live in Venice have property rights and they should be able to exercise them.  We are not pro-development; we are not anti-development. We believe in a common-sense approach that considers both socioeconomic benefits and environmental consequences of development in the community.

  • We believe in protecting the environment and that we should be able to protect and use our open spaces, including and use our most precious resource: the beach.

  • We believe in smart, responsible development so that people who work in Venice should be able to live in Venice. We believe in the creation of new affordable and middle class housing that can lower barriers to entry for renting and homeownership. We support scalable, sustainable and economically feasible solutions that don’t drain our limited resources and produce the desired results.

This Year Is Different

The Venice Neighborhood Council election for the first time ever due to COVID will be VOTE BY MAIL ONLY. In order to vote you need to register online or by mail between NOW and June 1, 2021. Once registered they will mail you a ballot. All ballots once received will need to be filled out and mailed back postmarked by June 8th deadline.

Register to Vote How to Register

What We Stand For

We are running mates with a unified passion to help make Venice a cleaner, safer place to live, better place to work and the most enjoyable place to play. Through strong law enforcement, careful attention to our coastal environment, and thoughtful development projects, we believe Venice can be one of the best, most creative atmospheres anywhere.
We are determined to help make Venice all that it can be.

Candidates for Executive Committee

James Murez


Daffodil Tyminski

Vice President

Sima Kostovetsky


Melissa Diner


Vicki Halliday


Michael Jensen


Andrea Boccaletti


Community Officers

Laurie Deer

Community Officer

Chie Lunn

Community Officer

Robert Thibodeau

Community Officer

Hillary Zashin

Community Officer

Carlos Zubieta

Community Officer

Elizabeth Clay

Community Officer

Bruno Hernandez

Community Interest Officer

Ansar "Stan" Muhammad

Community Officer

Andrew Mika

Community Officer

Pat Gallogly

Community Officer

Mehrnoosh Mojallai

Community Officer

Tima Bell

Community Officer

Oliver Fries

Community Officer

Matias Moreno-Bunge

Community Officer

Benjamin Shahrabani

Community Officer



Clarence "CC" Carter

Owner/President - First Team Security Inc.

"No more than any other time in history we need a common sense approach to the issues we have in Venice to bring things back in balance.  Having a group of individuals who are devoted to a cleaner and safer Venice were we work and play is reassuring.  It going to take all of us to make a positive difference, but having a group working together for all of us is a great start." 


Sunny Bak

Venice Art Crawl

"James Murez has been a long time Venice advocate. He is a man of knowledge, action and integrity. He was planting trees in the neighborhood long before I moved to Venice in 1998. The Friday Venice Farmer’s Market he manages is a staple of the community. He has supported the Venice Art Crawl over the years and I appreciate his love for Venice."


Scott Kramarich

Former candidate for Treasurer and former VNC board member

“I endorse this group of committed Venice residents and was comfortable removing myself from running in this election knowing that they will be there to support and protect our community.”


Eduardo Manilla

Former VNC member, Production Manager,  DJ, & Founder Genius Loci Music Festival

"I support the Candidates from the Common Sense Slate for the VNC because they are involved community members who volunteer towards making Venice a better place."


Ryan Basham

Advisor, Biden for President 

“As an LGBTQ+ activist and leadership trainer, I’ve seen Melissa's commitment to queer folks and other disadvantaged groups first hand. She’s a true public servant with strong leadership skills whose focus is on making life better for others. I’m proud to support her.”

Commit to Voting for Proven Venetians That Care

Common Sense Venice
Common Sense Venice
Common Sense Venice